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Love this. so metal gearing much. the animation is smooth enough for a series too :) sound quality

First few seconds of the animation and I saw the background. And was like "oh shit, The Thing". Then saw the reveal and was like .this needed to be done!

nice! now just need to play it to see if the stories good too.

love the story. and the style

Always love each episode.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

I'm glad :) thank you

midi AhHa.. that will be in my head all day. awesome art styles too!

Good stuff as always, and nice directing job on the BoJack Horseman show too. I like this side project as well, but as a long time fan of yours, wondering if your ever getting around to Festerfish stop motion episode?

Aaron-Long responds:

Honestly I probably won't do the Fester Fish stop-motion episode.. I still have all the stuff I made for it in storage back home in Toronto but my excitement for it has kind of died down.

Loved it! And yes I feel the phantom pain as well. I too am working on a mgs cartoon...with my own characters playing the parts, anyways. Keep up the content and style too. Kinda reminded me of these guys

OblitusCS responds:

Great man! I've been checking out your youtube channel, crazy stuff dude! Congrats on keeping the channel for so long, I hope I get to do the same. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, really appreciate it!

Love the collection, it is like a cartoon anthology show every time there's a battle, :)

rubberonion responds:

Every month! (= Glad you enjoy it!

Good job, my whole opinion on the topic tho is even tho texting can be quick and efficient, it challenges your brain to work less :/ I love the satire

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