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May take a while longer, but I kinda have an outline script for a  cartoon  I'm gonna try n include most of my characters in.  Check out my youtube channel, its sort of an animation sketchbook, where I  put experiments and characters in animation. If I was a bit smarter, I'd go to school as animating is a dream job.  Thank you for all the views, and hope the next cartoon will make ya laugh when it drops. 

In bound cartoon a comin'

2017-02-27 16:07:59 by raNDumb80six

Heading to work but hopefully after im awake enough to maybe finish an post  the new cartoon. It has robots.


Teaser  stuff i guess.. still working on the flying robot tho 

google Ultra Klutz

2017-01-16 07:16:31 by raNDumb80six

 really wanna see this as a cartoon.  the creator of this is a very cool dude too ,  heres a link to a storyboarded live action script, but again it could b animated.


Was thinking of uploading a stupid  mostly jokes cartoon with kinda a back to the future refrence ..Its the first thing i ever animated with a hundred or so pics in slide show with animation fx in movie maker.  Took 2 months. an had an alternate ending with zombie cats that got lost when i moved . Any ways My next cartoon post till new stuff.

coming soon...i hope.

2016-03-30 00:41:11 by raNDumb80six

more shorts, maybe a  longer  toon or 2, or 3.. Also have to write  a few outlines to some shorts..will be trying to keep up with yall, n may even found someone other than me to voice stuff . so yeah. thanx4 all an any feed back

may use a few of theese characters I got in background jokes  In the new toon. Just let me know if these guys should  continue or should i just make new characters  . ty n  i hope i made ya laugh

maybe next cartoon idea

2016-03-18 00:17:43 by raNDumb80six

scene ones set up done

2016-02-24 13:15:57 by raNDumb80six


5748594_145633155221_holesntrees.jpgjust did thumb nails for setting up my scenes in tbs, then comes the set  back drops. i design characters later... cause i end up changing them into  a more refined, an better locked  look. also, this is sortta free hand ish. Spoilers, if u dont wanna know the ending , an rather see cartoon