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Loved it! And yes I feel the phantom pain as well. I too am working on a mgs cartoon...with my own characters playing the parts, anyways. Keep up the content and style too. Kinda reminded me of these guys

OblitusCS responds:

Great man! I've been checking out your youtube channel, crazy stuff dude! Congrats on keeping the channel for so long, I hope I get to do the same. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, really appreciate it!

RubberOnionBattle Feb 2017 RubberOnionBattle Feb 2017

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Love the collection, it is like a cartoon anthology show every time there's a battle, :)

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rubberonion responds:

Every month! (= Glad you enjoy it!

Life Observations: Texting Life Observations: Texting

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Good job, my whole opinion on the topic tho is even tho texting can be quick and efficient, it challenges your brain to work less :/ I love the satire