I try n make them fast with out sacrificing too much quality . kinda like south park,  6 days for 1 episode that should take 9 months. Any ways, I've a few Garry cartoons in mind, and a random one as well, but from fans ; should i make a cartoon with my established characters or new ones? And what characters would you like to see come back? Also the ends of the "Camp Garry" is a Jason X joke. Anyways thankyou for being a fan. And I hope I make you laugh.

Tablet obtained !!

2017-09-09 17:00:12 by raNDumb80six

Finally Camp garry begins production today. I hope you guys can bear the wait. Was thinking of releasing this on  a friday, but the dates  may not mach up. We will see. Also A.v.g.b  cartoon idea sketches will be up on my tumblr soon. Thancks for watching and hope you like the new toons when they drop :) ta' 4 now

Been writing a bunch..tablet broke so i havnt been animating..An that makes me a sad panda :( 

I guess My "Camp Garry" cartoon may  be  kinda halloween themed. But if things go right, I should have  a new Garry cartoon soon for those who enjoy them.

arg..this may look weird

2017-08-13 20:29:03 by raNDumb80six

Tablet pen needs sodder or replacing..so aside from some garry things i have saved threw libraray, the line thickness may be diffrent cause imma scan in the drawings. hope it works, cause Garry is going camping next. Chew chew cha cha..





link for youtube playlist. since i dunno how to make a playlist in ng ....i dumb. anyways

             share the word of the bird,           "Fu-Q-Garry

scene ones set up done

2016-02-24 13:15:57 by raNDumb80six


5748594_145633155221_holesntrees.jpgjust did thumb nails for setting up my scenes in tbs, then comes the set  back drops. i design characters later... cause i end up changing them into  a more refined, an better locked  look. also, this is sortta free hand ish. Spoilers, if u dont wanna know the ending , an rather see cartoon